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Like many other abbreviated terms, the targeted Mobile traffic First Index is more prevalent on the web than we are, and we will occasionally use MFIs. While Google specialists never provide complete information about the priorities and performance of the algorithms, many things can be guessed.

● If you have ever tried to make your desktop version more complete. You should know from now on that this will not work for you and you will have to switch to the mobile version!

One of the things that old-fashioned slow sites can take advantage of is that they have so far lost mobile users who make up a large portion of the traffic, resulting in a drop-in traffic. By utilizing responsive design and adapting different parts of the site to Freundlich’s mobile benchmarks, they can attract more traffic and stay on top.

● Sites that have been high-speed and have been mobile from the beginning, are ranked better and do not rank lower. But those who have done so in ways such as backlinks, etc., are seeing significant changes under the influence of MFI.

● There should be no difference between the mobile and desktop versions in coding, markup and tags. In any case, the mobile version is of interest to the MFI algorithm.

● Although the information hidden behind sliding tabs and menus will not go away, but when they are not displayed, click the chances that users are much less and therefore will not be rated. Google will show the user content that the user can easily access the displayed content upon entering that page. While Google has stated that this process should not affect targeted web traffic capture, it will hit sites that are not fully compatible with mobile and desktop versions.

● good to know that Mobile Friendly reaching the rank of a site is indexed Mobile is different. Because sites that are not mobile Freundlich also get indexed in the new way of ranking. This is not the reason that your site is rated and indexed by the Mobile First Index method, making sure it is fully mobile.

● It is wrong to think that the MFI algorithm has nothing to do with low-ranking sites. If you have deliberately tried not to optimize the site for better rankings, to avoid this ranking index is a mistake. Technology is growing very fast and does not have any mercy on anyone. Ultimately, incompatibilities must be discarded.

● Although Google has not announced any official timing for moving sites to MFI, your site may be added to the list anytime, so it is best to take all necessary steps to get it listed. Google has also announced that all domains registered as of July 1, 2019, will be automatically rated with this algorithm.

● Since it first started listing in November 2016 based on mobile versioning, now over 50% of websites are ranked with this algorithm. Although this is done periodically, it may take several years for the algorithm to officially categorize all websites. On the other hand, some websites may never get listed. This is due to the lack of compatibility between the two mobile and desktop versions.

The easiest way to prevent site rankings from dropping out of Google’s new content classification service is to have a responsive site, not two separate versions of a site. Reactive sites have the same content and code in their structure. That way, by categorizing them in any way, there will be no problem ranking the site. The use of icons in site design should be clever. If these icons have no description, they are not indexed by MFI crawlers.

● For some the question arises that if a website does not have a mobile version of what would happen? The answer is simple, the site is indexed in the same way as before, but ranking time cannot appear in the first place. This is related to SEO sites.

Site Preparation Tips for Mobile First Index Algorithm

We mentioned earlier that the responsive site displays the same content available in the desktop version as fully optimized in the mobile version. So there is no difference in content or coding. But sites that have separate scripts for each version of the screens are likely to be damaged after being indexed by Mobile Index. So, it is best to have a responsive site.

The structure must be uniform

You need to make sure that both versions of the site represent the same content in terms of structure. Text, images, and other content should be the same as you see on the desktop version. Also, the structure of links and so on is quite similar.

Observe schema markup

Schema markup is used to provide search engine descriptions to simplify the process of understanding site content for search engine robots. The schema code must exist in both versions and be the same. Meta tags are another tool that facilitates search engine understanding. This information should also be readable in the mobile version of the site. Targeted organic website traffic from Google is an index for the mobile and desktop versions of these methods do not give a separate index. Only benchmarks the mobile version when it wants to evaluate the content of your site.

Don’t have hidden content

Let us help you reach new heights! Buy mobile traffic can help you meet your goals quickly and safely. Google has not previously responded to hidden content and has not used it in ranking. But with the changes made by the Mobile First Index, site designers must put some content in the tabs, because not all content is included in the mobile version. So, Google counts this content as well, but provided they have some explanation. However, it is better not to hide anything important from the users’ point of view!

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